Fluoride in our drinking water is forcing people to die. This is poison and just plain murder. Dr. Burk makes it clear, his family won’t be partaking and the American government should stop this

Dr. Mark Woods (right) and M. Dean Burk (left).

Dr. Mark Woods (right) and M. Dean Burk (left). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fight tooth and nail to keep fluoride out of your drinking water. There are better ways to deal with our teeth than poisoning ourselves to death. Big Pharma and Hospitals are the only winners here. Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer increases due to fluoride. In 1909 only 1 in 33 got cancer. Today, it is 1 in 2. By 2020 everyone will get cancer.

Cancer Deaths Linked to Water Fluoridation

Dr. Dean Burk

It is time to speak out against the institutions that wish to cause our deaths and profit on them and allow real cancer cures to be used. Big Pharma has no incentive for this as that puts them out of business. I say, GOOD-BYE BIG PHARMA!