Initially, I will attempt to show both sides to this phenomena. First are those who believe these ar not hoaxes and the second is they are all man-made.

Those who believe in crop circles as other worldly, find all kinds of meanings in the designs. They claim to feeling energy that is not natural. They claim to experience fantastic mind and life altering forces at work.

Crop circles not a hoax

Those who believe these are man-made and not other worldly at all claim to be artists who enjoy having their work highly publicized and by having them attached to some UFO Type Phenomena gives them exactly that. It is on the news, it is studied by professionals and amateurs alike, it is spoken of in wonder, many people find real meaning in the crop circle which bolsters the creators sense of artistic worth.

Man Made

My sense of this whole thing is these artists are paid to create these crop circles to further spread the UFO belief and to keep people off guard. While we concern ourselves with these crop

1678 pamphlet on the "Mowing-Devil".

1678 pamphlet on the “Mowing-Devil”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

circles, wars are happening around the planet. Bankers are busy robbing people and their governments blind. The take over of the planet for the New World Order is well underway and while you focus on crop circles, they focus on the real mission of controlling this planet.

You are encouraged to look in many directions which take you out of the worry equation. If you are not watching what they are doing, you are not a threat to preventing their real goals. UFO’s is another way to keep you occupied. Meteors and other planetary bodies coming close to Earth and destroying the planet is another way to keep people focused on anything but them. Having to provide a living for you and the family keeps your focus elsewhere.

There are the high-tech abilities of our government to show you things that really doesn’t exist. With holographic abilities, we can be made to see space crafts or air planes where they don’t exist. Meteors crashing into a city instead of the bomb that actually flew in and destroyed the city. Then the blame is on the meteor not the bomb because we saw a meteor. Of course that meteor was holographic.

Our government lies to us continuously and we seem to sleep right through it. The crop circle allows us to stay sleeping as we dream for the better world while we are in reality, enslaved even deeper by those who own us.