A Tale of a horse with two heads. Thats the Social Security Fund. First of all we need to recognize there is no Social Security Fund. Through the years Social Security has been collected by the

Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Government,  from The American people, we’ve been sold on a lie that such a fund exists when this is just not the case. Our General Funding Pays out for this every year. The interest from such an account SS Fund)over the years would have kept this program solvent. Those collected monies are spent each year on other things. Now we are coming to a point where The American Government won’t be able to pay this bill promised to the American people. Now our government is stirring up discontent for people receiving Social Security so they can back out of  their promise and end this program. Being fiscally responsible over the years would have taken care of this.

The American Economy, The American Government and even the American people  have directly benefited from monies collected, that were never set aside in a fund, for Social Security. With the extra allocations our economy flourished.  Our nations people benefited because of that. The Politicians made out like bandits because they were able,(through the lie), to sell the american people on new programs, (they never would have been able to), with all that extra money. The Politicians found this source of empowerment could take them a long ways and someone else could worry about the aftermath, when they were done in their political careers. The Government didn’t care as everyone seemed content. Nothing better for a government than its population sleeping and carrying on in their daily lives like everything is fine and will always be fine because my government loves me.

With this kind of knowledge it seemed like a good plan to take The American Government off The Gold Standard and give themselves a License to print money on demand.The more they printed the sleepier America became. Now-a-days Americans walk around in some deep trance and have no real knowledge of what their Government is about. What is our Government doing? How is our Government run? Who are the elected leaders? Ask most Americans, and they won’t have an answer. Sleeping! How many TRILLIONS  in debt are we?  When you break the trance long enough to ask “how far in debt are we?” Don’t worry, a Government spokesperson will tell you “there’s nothing to worry about ,we can handle this kind of debt,” and you’ll go back to sleep in the comfort of your warm cozy thoughts in that Trance you’ve been induced into. Safe in the knowledge Big Brother has your back. And the Government will continue to do what it does.

The American Government, like every other Government, wants to exist, To survive. That is what Governments do. There is no Government if they don’t exist, right? Politicians pander to the parts of Society who take care of them. They follow the money. This is the state of our Government, our political system, and our Politicians. So you see, our Government is just like all the others around the world, Corrupt!


Congress has stolen $2.7 Trillion from Social Security

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