The need for oil based fuel is long outdated. The government has turned down pattens since the sixties (1960’s). The United States Government has used this technology since the

Stuck on Nothing

Stuck on Nothing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1940’s – and 1950’s. We see it in UFO’s that have been spotted around the world which are US Based Spacecraft.

Home heating or cars would never need oil or gas and we can tell those companies where they can go. They have bilked us long enough. That technology is long outdated and not nearly effective. Private inventors are proving how effective this technology is, even without big money. When big money becomes available, this is definitely the future. Free energy. This is why big money hasn’t wanted to help replace their money source which historically has been priced at a nice profit margin.

The New Science of the future is coming to the forefront and the theoretical physicists of this new age is bringing us this new technology.

Tesla The Race to Zero Point Free Energy

With this out of the bag and so many people working on various forms, we will be seeing more benefits from this technology in the very near future.