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The United States are seeking the extradition of Snowden as he continues to leak damaging information about America and her wrong doings. Confidence is waning in the bond market after the latest release of information from Snowden on how the Bond Market Manipulation is occurring. The sell off is starting and if countries like China ( holding a trillion dollars of US Bonds) joins, it’s all over.

Let’s understand what is going on here. The United States cannot afford the wars she is carrying on so the money needs to come from somewhere.How to do that after allowing the major corporations to exit the country and not having a stream of income to take control of. Fifty million americans are on the food stamp dole and they aren’t going to give any money for the wars. Many others are just making it, so you can’t get much there. THERE JUST IS NOT ENOUGH IN THE MIDDLE CLASS TO COVER and the top earners have been given the opt out button and have the ability to shelter their money, and countries like China are not buying up america’s debt like they used to, so the United States has resorted to other illegal means to fund everything.We know the drug smuggling brings in billions, but that cannot cover our war program. The only way is the financial markets.

Most blindfolded Americans can’t accept their government willingly participates in activities harmful to American citizens. It is time to wake up.What harmful information did Snowden download and take with him when he ran from American authorities? PLENTY!That is why he is number one on the hit list. Every country The United States has asked to hold Snowden so they could bring him back to America has refused. It is no wonder since they all have been made aware of the spying our government has done and the countries which asked America to return the bankers they want extradited for collapsing their government through illegal activities are being safeguarded here in the United States. So America will not be receiving that help they so desperately want.

The last word from the NSA is Snowden may have downloaded a majority of the illegal activities being carried out by this organization and if that is true, There is no doubt, America wants him shut-up.

International Confidence in the US bond Market Crumbling

With Booz Allen and others manipulating the financial markets, the United States has paid for the war program and contributed to the downfall of the global economy and many Countries around the world. We have been very bad. Responsible for the killings of millions of innocent people world-wide. The Israeli’s running our government have successfully quieted a majority of American citizens and lulled them into a trance which they seem unable or unwilling to break free of. But it is all starting to crumble around them. More nations and more people are realizing what is going on, and this is having a detrimental to affect on those murderers leading our government. This is no longer a good day to be an American.

Our once proud Nation has become the slave to Israel and has engaged in horrendous activities for this Zionist nation.We are the world’s problem. Not everyone else, us. It is our responsibility to end the world’s terror by ending the threat we impose on everyone else. And this will not come easy.Those in charge have already made contingencies for just this very thing. Concentration Camps set up across the United States are ready to be filled with Americans. Millions of eight person plastic coffins are just sitting, waiting to be used, filled with Americans.

What happens to the world and America rests in the hands of Americans. Along with exposing widespread international
surveillance, Edward Snowden has revealed
how exactly the US is financing its military
ambitions, according to Max Keiser, who

“What’s interesting is that Edward Snowden

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English: TV Presenter and Journalist Max Keiser, pictured in a London taxi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

worked for Booz Allen. Booz Allen allegedly
along with a few other companies are the
masterminds behind LIBOR market rigging,
energy market rigging, FOREX market rigging.
And this is really the fuel that keeps the
American military empire going, because the
American economy, itself cannot support its
military ambitions, so they’ve resorted to market
manipulation and the kind of intelligence that
Edward Snowden is able to aggregate is key to
manipulating markets in ways that make Booz Allen,
allegedly, the channel for billions and billions of
dollars into America’s military campaigns.

“And this is really about money, markets and
manipulations. It’s not about security. It’s not
to do with anything that the White House says.
Remember, the White House is a puppet of
Wall Street, Booz Allen, the hedge funds and
the financial interests of the corrupt bankers.”

So, then how do some of those big companies
like Google, or Facebook actually benefit from
the PRISM surveillance program? Is there a
financial gain from them?

“Absolutely, because all the manipulation
involves rigging the indexes. And the indexes
are all data-sensitive. So, if you can manipulate
the data, you can manipulate the indexes and
you manipulate the markets. And if you have
advanced knowledge of that inside information
you can make billions of dollars of front-running,
high-frequency trading, algorithmic trading. And,
of course, all the banks on the Wall Street are in
on this and all the banks in the UK.

“It’s very telling that the foreign minister of
Ecuador said that, ‘Look, you’re talking about
us extraditing Edward Snowden, what about
bringing back those bankers we asked you to
bring back to Ecuador who we caught rigging
and terrorizing our market?’ What about the
Icelandic bankers that have been asked by
the government of Iceland to be extradited
back to Iceland that are being held in the UK?

What about these other instances where
banking terrorists are being sheltered in
the US and the UK? They’re not responding
to extradition agreements. So this is all about
financial legerdemain. Unfortunately, Americans
don’t have enough money to fight their wars
anymore so they have to resort to snooping,
data-gathering, and market manipulation.”

Will we see financial fallout between China and
the US?

“Well, China has a fantastic card to play,
one trillion US dollars that they can dump on
the market anytime and jack interest rates up
five or six points, which would throw the real
estate market back into collapse. China is pulling
the strings here and China has all the cards to
play. America is the biggest debtor nation in the
world. Look at the bond market today (June 25),
it’s selling off spectacularly all over the world
because confidence in the American hologram
of finance is collapsing.

“They flipped the switch. They see that the
emperor has no clothes. They see that there’s no
underlying economic activity to support the military
and financial occupations emanating from the US.
It’s game over!”