A Fund Raising campaign is now under way to bring vital clean drinking water and life saving hygiene information to the families and kids of rural India.

The children living in these areas are dying quickly. One thousand children under age 5 die each day due to a preventable cause. Diarrhea is a serious problem when clean water is scarce and hard to come by. Learning hand washing saves lives has little meaning when clean water doesn’t exist. Disease is quickly spread and soon the vulnerable end up dead.

In the United States,we have instituted many protocols for preventing this type of outbreak from occurring. Statistics bear out the benefits.

Hospitals have signs posted everywhere for employees to was hands frequently. Since that start, rates plummeted for the spread of disease, even in a clinical setting.

The people of India are looking for support from citizens of the United States so they can begin those same type policies.

HEEALS is leading the charge in answering the call for these children who live, love and die just like our own children.

Would you now help with a donation that will save the lives of thousands of young children?

Chinu Vats, Programs Coordinator at HEEALS in Gurgaon, Haryana, India is bringing the plight of those kids to the American public and asking for our help.

To help and to give these children and their families a chance to live in a cleaner environment Please give whatever your heart feels.( www.heeals.org )

Chinu Vats
Programs Coordinator
Developing Community Network
Web:- www.heeals.org
P:- +91 981829 3668
E:- chinu@heeals.org

Support us in Providing Girl Child Education, Sanitation & Safe Drinking Water Facilities .

Over 1000 children die everyday due to three main issues, unsafe drinking water, bad sanitation and unhygienic practices. Dirty water is responsible for more deaths than Malaria, Aids and the Measles combined (UNICEF data).

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Heeals is a vibrant Non Profit civil society Organization, registered under the Indian Government societies act 21 of 1860 in 2011. Our aim is to promote the sustainable development of society through safeguarding health, the environment, education and livelihoods through targeting the three main issues above.


Raised of $6,398 Goal

50 days left

Flexible Funding campaign

This campaign will receive all the funds contributed by Sat 03 Aug 11:59PM PT.


for your contribution

  • $10
    Pictures of Goods Delivered.

    You can receive a picture of the goods being delivered from the Donation.

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    0 out of 100 claimed

  • $25
    Hand Written Letter

    You can receive a thank you letter on recycled paper Made by the girls directly benefiting from the donation.

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    0 out of 25 claimed

  • $50
    Hand Made Greeting Card

    You can receive a hand-made greeting card from one the girl students hand-made by them on Recycled Pulp Paper. It will be personally signed by the student and will include a picture and a small narrative.

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    0 out of 15 claimed

  • $100
    Painting By Beneficiaries

    You can receive a personally written letter by group of girls on a tree Skin Paper known as Bhoj Patra. It is what ancient Indian text was once written, thousands of centuries ago.

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    0 out of 5 claimed

  • $200
    Indian Tribal Handicrafts

    You can receive an Indian Tribal Handicrafts personally made for the donor by the beneficiaries families living in tribal villages. The name of the donor will also be engraved on the handicrafts as a thank you note . Estimated delivery: August 2013 0 out of 2 claimed

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    0 out of 2 claimed

  • $500
    Report & Hand Woven Shawl

    Full Report of the Project Campaign and a Hand Woven Shawl from Indian Tribal areas, personally made for donors.

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    0 out of 2 claimed

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