In India there is a severe crisis of children dying from Diarrhea.More than a thousand children are dying (1000) each day.These are children under five years of age.

HEEALS is raising money to help with this. Chinu Vats is Programs Coordinator For HEEALS.

She will help oversee the programs  being instituted.Programs for clean water and sanitation. Will go a long way toward saving those 1000 children who die every day from diarrhea.

Children are being taught in schools  how importance hand washing and overall Hygiene is.Getting this to India’s slum and rural area are very prohibitive.

Just like here in the United States, instituting programs in rural areas cost considerable. The same in our citie’s slum areas.But these area’s are vital to the success of any program.

HEEALS IS FUNDRAISING FOR THESE CHILDREN DYING FROM DIARRHEA. There are a couple of ways you can help. Money is obviously needed to have clean water and effective programs of hygiene. For all who can help in this way, the children of India are very thankful. Getting this information passed around is very important.Advertising can be very costly. We /you can help keep those costs down by passing this information on to others.,


Some of the important fund raising information –

Fundraising Platform – Money can be donated here. The website I urge you to visit. There is a lot of information there. Also, HEEALS has a Facebook Page. Again I would urge you to visit the Facebook page and find out how you can help these children get the clean water and hygiene programs needed to prevent all these children from dying everyday.

Chinu Vats

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