WMD world map

WMD world map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Iran and Israel

“With new information sent to me I had to do further investigating into Iran and Israel. Iran is actually run by Israeli’s whose goal is to end the Gentile Muslims living there. This is the reason Israel and Saudi Arabia are trying so desperately to have the United States be the aggressor and attack Iran.”

So when Iran says they are going to switch from the dollar to the Gold standard they are lying for the world to see their Strength, when it is a ploy to have the country attacked and the Gentiles removed.Israelis also own the Iranian bank so to switch off the dollar was a show for the world and the Gentiles in their country to see there is reason to fight. Just more bologna coming from another country Israel controls. The bankers fund both sides of every conflict to further their agenda.

I believe they have miscalculated this time as Russia will fight, not necessarily for Muslims, but complete control of the Mediterranean, The Middle East and Africa, Would give the majority of the planets wealth to be used against them and the only way to end that threat could be by Nuclear weapons being used in massive amounts. And one thing everyone agrees on is; Russia has more Nuclear weapons and larger yields than any country, Including United States.The United States says it has around 10,000 Nuclear bombs and about 8,000 primed to fire but it seems likely the number is nearer 6,000 with about 4,500 ready to fire. A large majority of America’s Nuclear weapons are designed to strategically take out smaller areas in a typical Battle situation. The United States does have some designed for massive city sized destruction.There are basically two types of Nuclear bombs in four different categories. The Fission type is what was used on Japan Ranging from around 15 kilotons to   23 kilotons  on the fat boy Plutonium device. The US  detonated as high as a 15 megaton which is the second class of Fusion devices. Russia has some at 40 – 50 megaton. China set one-off between 350 – 400 kilitons .


With Iran also setting their country up to seemingly be destroyed, what do we make of that?There is a prophecy which says that the Persians would finally conquer Israel and therefore win out versus Israel. (Daniel 11) In the beginning of this war, Israel will get the upper hand but when it all comes to a close, Israel is to be punished during this war, but that is OK with the Illuminati who welcome mass destruction around the globe. Their population control plan is well underway.The United States has three Aircraft Carriers near Iran and Syria, with two more sitting near North Korea.In Daniel it explains the Bloodline and it’s importance. Today we see this bloodline take shape.

“Iran has been presented to the world as crazy, irrational, hate mongering and stupid. But the reality is the Jews of Iran live a better life than  Iranian Gentiles. All the wealth of Iran is in the control of Jewish born Muslims, and the government gives them more rights than Iranian gentiles. The real enemy of the government of Iran is the bloodline of Ali, the son-in-law of Mohammad who married his daughter Fatima. Iranian government is an ally of Israel, and is trying so hard to make every Iranian gentile hate Islam and its gentile prophet. “


  COUNTRY ————–Amount of Nuclear Bombs(approx.).

United States————————————10,000.

Soviet Union/Russia——————————————-8500.

United Kingdom————————————160.




Israel————————————AT LEAST200.


North Korea———————————————————12.

 South Africa——————————————7.


So as the prophecy of Daniel is fulfilled, Israel will finally be destroyed and conquered. After the initial victory, it will go bad for Israel. That includes the United States!



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