WWW III – The Mediterranean Oil War and the Real Enemy!

What is really going on?

There really is lots happening today.To keep this relatively short, I’ll begin this way: We are the generation who are living in those “Last Days” spoken of since Jesus forewarned us of what to be on the look-out for.


Nibiru is now blocked by the sun and all we can catch glimpses of is the debris tail. I’m sure NASA sees more. The tidal effects are being felt already. With the gravitational pull heating the magma and causing our planet to seem as though there is a warming cycle coming to our planet. The oceans are warming causing the ice to melt and we have been told this is Global warming caused by man and his industrialized activities. The Earth naturally cycles hot and cold periods. We should be cycling cold but the planet seems to be saying otherwise.

Nibiru – Mini Solar System Incoming – Wehey Bring It On ;o)


The truth is we are cycling cold and still we have these warming effects occurring. The reason is the forces being put on our plant by the Brown Star. 

When it gets closer, devastation will come to this planet.In a few years, we will be toast. Until then, more debris will be shot into our atmosphere and some will actually cause huge disasters.Nibiru will constantly shoot large rocks into our atmosphere for the next several years. There is a good possibility by years end, the Brown Star will be visible to many here on Earth.If our Governments don’t speak up soon, when this happens, their lies will be explained. I’d say head for the high grounds except earthquakes will be common and Volcanoes will erupt and freezing temperatures mixed with the warming oceans really won’t leave much for a safe zone.Protected shelters or getting off the planet will be the only real means of survival.

The Legend of Atlantis – The War of Armageddon Pt 1/8 SUBTITLES in English

The Legend of Atlantis – The War of Armageddon Pt 2/8 SUBTITLES in English


Atlantis was swallowed up by the oceans and so will much of today’s coastlines also be swallowed up.Those living near the water’s edge will be goners for sure.That may be best. ANY SURVIVORS OF THE TIDAL WAVES AND TSUNAMI’S WITH HEIGHTS REACHING 500 – 600 FEET WILL END UP LEAVING A DISASTER OF UNPRECEDENTED ORDER. DISEASE AND STARVATION AWAIT MOST OF THE REMAINING POPULATION.

The Atlantans were a global population that split as magic became the norm in their society. Some chose the Dark Magic and controlling others while some chose the lighter elements.These wars left scars clear and visible even into today’s world.

Some have already heard of the Zoroastrians and Rosicrucian’s and the Essenes of our saviour Jesus day along with the Gnostic’s who ended up burying many books of the bible which a few hundred years after Jesus became outlawed and seen as heretical. But they weren’t for the early Christians.That started about three to four hundred years later, right on through to the fifteen and sixteen hundreds. These teachings were handed down by the survivors of the Atlantean wars.Spiritual beings and physical beings exist here at the same time. SO TO IS IT TRUE that other dimensions exist right here with us. I know this may be difficult to accept for some but that is the truth.And if you really want to blow your mind a bit, try understanding how the future,the past and our current time all runs together, congruently.

These and other truths were denied by the Religious leaders of old and even today.The Jews knew our saviour wold be coming and this is why King Herod killed so many innocent while he was ruler. The truth would be made known and those Religious leaders did not want to lose their wonderful way of life they enjoyed at the expense of the rest. Same thing for the Catholic church as they tried to stop the knowledge from getting out and expose them for who they really were.God has their number.


Today these Enlightened ones are leading our planet towards a major destruction of the people to help the few who do not wish Jesus to be our ruler.We know Satan, our Dark Lord understands his time is short and if mankind wishes to live on this planet, they are to accept him willingly to prove to God  that he (Satan) was right all along. And over the next couple years, every one of us will make a choice for Satan or God. Every single one of us!

This leads us into WW III.

Since March 1973 the US Dollar has been the worlds trading currency. Which basically means when one country purchased goods (oil) from another country it necessitated exchanging their currency into American dollars because everything is sold in dollars.

Economist Paul Samuelson and others (including, at his death, Milton Friedman) have maintained that the overseas demand for dollars allows the United States to keep up persistent trade deficits without causing the value of the currency to depreciate or the flow of trade to readjust. But Samuelson stated in 2005 that at some uncertain future period these pressures would precipitate a run against the U.S. dollar with serious global financial consequences.

If the dollar is no longer the world’s trading currency, the world would not need so many US Dollars. The dumping of American dollars would trigger inflation beyond anything we have ever experienced. America would no longer be able to just print more dollars to pay its bills. We (United States) would be bankrupt! Not that long ago, Iraq was an ally of the United States. When Saddam Hussein said they would switch to the Euro in place of the dollar for the purchase of oil, the United States declared Saddam Hussein an enemy and we all know what happened. In Libya, Col. Qadhafi said they would switch to gold (the Dinar) from the dollar, well now he’s dead too.The flow of oil for America requires the dollar be the world’s trading currency.If not…?

The Illuminati knowing their control of banking powers were threatened and needed to end that threat, and they did. without that power, owning countries around the world was threatened and their One world Government One World Religion would not happen.

Now there is already an agreement in place between many nations to start doing business without the dollar. These Nations include: China,Chile, Japan, Germany, India, Russia, France, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Mexico, Cuba and IRAN!

Since Barack Obama has taken office, the countries of Tunisia,Ivory Coast,Yemen,Egypt, has newly emplaced Muslim Brotherhood Governments. President Obama has been very busy. Syria is next on the list to overthrow and replace their government.Just recently Syria was Chemically attacked, and only a few nations could have supplied the Chemical warfare attack that occurred. Only two with outcomes of that war having great meaning, Israel and the United States.That was a warning sample delivered.

So lets check, America is the right arm of the Illuminati. The Federal Reserve are controlled by the Illuminati.Control of that region is vital.

In March President Obama and Pope Francis went to Israel.Laying out plans for peace with the PLO, and laying out a peace plan and how Israel would be divided.Lebanon will also have new Rulership if they don’t follow the plan.The reason for this is: The building of The New Temple which would not be Christian,Judaism or Islāmic. It would be all three. One world Religion.Iran has made it clear they are not participating in anything with the Jewish Nation of Israel.We know what is happening there. We have levied sanctions on Iran trying to force them to making a bad move. We have seized assets of Iran, trying to force them to make the first move. The Christian Science Monitor says: Iranians are facing food shortages of Rice,Corn and cooking oil, and that her people are starving. Iran had their own bank and now the Illuminati have effectively destroyed The Iranian Banking system.Something serious will happen here.



President Obama and Pope Francis who is called the Black Pope went to Israel to say the building of the third Temple can begin. After the last plans are complete, the building will begin.

Something many Americans are not aware of is which nation has committed unprecedented acts of terrorism against the United States and has gone unpunished. This is important to understand. That country is ISRAEL.The list of well documented, by our own Government, is very long.

Now lets check things one more time.

Who controls the American Globalist Media the New York Times and the Washington Globe?The Illuminati Who controls the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund? The Illuminati. Who controls the biggest international Predatory banks in the world ie. Goldman Sachs?The Illuminati. Who bribes scores of American politicians and around the world? The Illuminati. Who controls American Foreign Policy? The Illuminati. Who controls The United States Government, Media and the finances of the United States and Europe? The Illuminati. So we can say, the Illuminati is the world’s largest enemy.

So who controls the Illuminati?For this ask yourself, who does not want to see the return of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ?

The answer to all this is ISRAEL!So the building of THE THIRD TEMPLE can be completed. This heralds in the Anti-Christ who will come from the Jesuit Order Which controls the Vatican.The Vatican controls Israel.

The Jesuit General will enter God’s Temple and declare himself God! He will declare a “New One World Order and a One World Religion.” The seven years of trials and tribulations will begin.

Jesus cutting this period short to save what’s left of humanity will clean house of Satan and his followers and this will bring in the 1000 year rule of peace by Jesus!

So who is behind all the world’s mess? The Jesuit Branch of the Vatican and the Nation of Israel!The two who do not wish to see the return of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!