Those who know me know I have no qualms with letting others know when there is a company doing business on the internet that seems to enjoy ripping people off. Today’s blog is about one such company.

Lexington Law! They get you in when you need help and then never let you out. You are billed every month even though you have requested many times to be out. They say all you have to do is let them know you are done with their service, but they don’t care. Even though you are having nothing to do with them, THEY STILL BILL YOU! If you are looking for help it is better to go with a reputable firm that bills only for the work they do, not with someone who says they will just bill you monthly for services they will give.

Company of Thieves - Troy, NY - 09, Dec - 01

Company of Thieves – Troy, NY – 09, Dec – 01 (Photo credit: sebastien.barre)

My suggestion is to go to your bank and tell them and put a stop on companies like that. It also serves to inform the bank when other complaints come in about the same company, that this companies practices are to be monitored and maybe even refused.

As for me, I will continue to tell everyone I can when there is a company like this doing business on the internet. If you know first hand of such a business and want to let others know to be aware of this company, give me the details and I will let others know. Your privacy will be kept unless otherwise stated. If you want them to know it’s from you, No Problem Here. Stand up for what is right.

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