State of "Affairs"

The world news here in the United States and the rest of the world seem to be very different. I listen to the news on American television and scour several other media sources, then  check sources outside US control, amazing the differences. There is actually news being reported. Sometimes it’s hard to know with the joke known as American television news, if there is real news being broadcast at all.

I just wanted to mention, A story reported around the world making headlines and only getting small play in the US. The story is how Antibiotic resistant strains of Bacteria are increasing and spreading rapidly. Some statistics are becoming quite alarming. More deaths attributed to CRE“s (Carbapenem-Resistant Enterbacteriaceae) than AIDS OR Many other widely known diseases. With a kill rate of 50% of those infected, this is serious. Spreading from 1 US State in 2001 to 42 states today…

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