The Angel Appears to John. The book of Revelat...

The Angel Appears to John. The book of Revelation. 13th century manuscript. British Library, London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Christians around the globe have asked that question for centuries. The idea is basically;  Jesus who died for us and rose from his grave three days later, will be returning to claim the Earth and her inhabitants for himself. This reclamation is welcomed by believers of all Christian faiths. In some form, no matter your Denomination or affiliation, that is a central unifying belief. Along with this theme is the promise put forth in The Book of Revelation that an end time would come and Jesus and his army of Angels would do battle with the forces of evil left here in charge of the planet and of us. There is more than just the one rendering of Revelation as Peter (A ardent follower of Jesus) also wrote a book of Revelation.  His version did not make the cut for what is today’s bible. It is widely believed his rendering for the End Days were a bit graphic and wouldn’t be as readily accepted.  To The Roman Emporer Maxentius Constantine, who guided by a vision in the sky ordered his men to paint The cross on their shields the night before what turned into a glorious victory, the importance was not on christianity but on gaining the victory. Constantine is now regarded as the first Roman Emporer Christian. The Emporer never let the beliefs get in the way of his thirst for victory,  and did not allow being called a Christian to hinder his blood thirst. And it is through this Emporer the Cannon we now call the bible was put together.

Now this brings something of importance to the forefront. If you are a staunch supporter of one side, one point of view, and as you become in need due to some perilous situation, and then just switch sides to get through your time of need, are we really supposed to believe that ALL the important information we will be needing to decide these End Of Days even made it through for our study?Those selected writings offer some scary information indeed. But what information did we not receive? There were many Gospel writers and only four are selected to represent Christianity in the Bible. Back at that time frame, each Gospel writer had a set of followers and none of them taught the same thing. So to wonder if we are in the End of Days based on one Gospel may not really give the complete information needed to make a real judgement. The Bible’s beginnings are suspect at best. Not coming from any Jewish Christian but from one of Christianity’s former tyrants, that’s also,”suspect.” The fact The Religious leaders resorted to such tyranny to enforce this new belief, doesn’t bode well for them, again, “suspect.”

So then how are we supposed to know if we are in those End Days? The warning signs laid out for us has had every generation earlier believing that his generation is the one spoken of. Men will be lovers of men, earthquakes will be abundant. These and all the other signs listed to be aware of,  are happening today just like for the past generations of civilization.

Before I say anything else, I want to say this, “I am A Christian.” I do believe a battle for control of  Planet Earth and civilization took place in the past and will again in the future. I do believe those forces left in control of us are not looking out for our best interests, and I like so many of you hope Jesus, (A Benevolent God) will by the Father’s will, come rescue this planet from the grips of Evil, that was left here in charge. I just don’t understand the reasoning for torturing humanity in this way. Leaving Evil in charge.  It just doesn’t have that ring of Truth to me. For whatever reason, Jehovah left these fallen Angels behind, we are the sufferers of that insanity. God is wise and we needed to endure through this period so God could keep the other Angels from the same type of rebellion from occurring among the rest of the Angels.

So with Evil in charge, the information passed down to us can not be  correct or complete. With the End signs being of the vague variety, it is no wonder every generation feels theirs is the generation spoken of being liberated from Evil and being given the chance to live in a peaceful world. Are we in “Those End Days”?  We all have choices to make in our lives and through these decisions we make, our personal fate is sealed. If we are in and nearing the end, many Christians forced to take a stand for what is right, and that will not be a pretty sight for any to see. The Great War of  Armageddon will not be the happy rejoicing experience taught in church. Wars and innocent people suffering is not a happy period. Just ask Saint Peter who finally gave himself up and was hung upside down on the stake. His version of Revelation probably comes nearer the truth but with the amount of violence written in his version, was kept out of our Biblical canon.

Our governments are under control of the Fallen Angels. When our government turns on the people, where will you Christians be then? Support the government or support humanity and what is right?I think the answer for the End of  Days will become clear in this next year as the world’s economies continue to crumble and nation after nation fall under the “One (New) World Order control. When eighty percent of the world’s population is wiped from the planet, no one will be unscathed. Many of our loved ones will die a senseless death. The telling times are coming. Are we in “Those End Days?” Prepare yourself!