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     There is still time to find out how you can join in and help spread the news of this upcoming event (8 March, 2013). If you haven’t already visited the web site, you still have time. AIDS Has affected millions in America and millions more globally. There is enough to do for us all to find something we can do. If you don’t have much time available, try and find a few dollars to help fight this disease. Join Elton John, Sting, Adele and others in fighting the stigma attached with this dreaded disease. Love,is in the blood. Let us treat those infected with dignity and compassion.
This disease is largely viewed as being brought on by our own actions and therefore doesn’t deserve the same understanding as other diseases. RIGHT AND WRONG. If you happen to be God and you are here to judge individuals for their shortcomings. But if you are not God, I would suggest you have your own shortcomings to judge. No one asks to be infected, and millions of innocent people are born with AIDS or have received tainted blood and blood products and never had a choice. Quit judging and start helping. This type of thinking only divides humanity and only serves the few who want your servitude. Divide and conquer. Rich/poor, black/white, religious/non-religious, gay/straight.There is no place for that in our society. I already told you, there are only two types of people, “you and those who run you!”Wake-up!Those who would divide you are the ones you need to fear.Those are the ones who would keep you in servitude for their benefit.
For those who can’t help at this time, everyday we have the opportunity to help, with the actions and attitudes we express in our lives towards our fellow beings. Quit attacking the wrong people and understand, “we all deal with this divide and conquer technique” that keeps us and prevents us from having a better world for all. The date to remember is: March 8, 2013. Hope to see you there.

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