o     Every year new reports come to light of new information into Modern Man’s Past. Something new to ponder for our Nations leading experts in the Anthropology Field. ( Anthropology) comes from the Greek, and means Man, Study. The Study of Humanity.

Recently (2010) With mapping of The Denison’s DNA Genome. There is strong support for Neandertal and The Denison inhabiting the same territory. The Denison’s DNA is nearer Neandertal than Modern Humans. Evidence suggests The Denison’s and Neandertal split off, from where they lived and moved  in separate directions. Although the report stated “Modern Micronesians carry about 5% of their Genome from The Denison’s, and 2.5% from Neandertal”. Statistics show an  average of 202 Differing markers in Neandertal to Modern Man, and an average of 385 differing markers by the Denison’s making their relationship with  ModernMan further in our past than our relationship with Neandertal.

With all Modern Humans, except Africans, Neandertal have made their mark, their Genome is visible. No Genome evidence for Neandertal being in Earth’s Beltway of Modern Man’s existence. No Neandertal? Interesting? Who were The Africans?

In 2005 Ethiopia, The discovery of  Omo1 remains dated 195,000 yrs old. Fascinating since Omo 1 has The Skull of Modern Man.” From Thirty to forty-eight thousand years ago Modern Man, Neandertal, The Denison’s, Omo1 and other hominids shared this planet together. Africa has The Greatest Genetic Diversity. And yet, No Neandertal. In Fables and stories all across the planet, Gods have lived with the inhabitants of this planet. Protecting them and guiding their lives. Maybe as a slave people in the S.African mines where much of our planet’s wealth of Gold and Precious Jewels were stored. The Gold, and The Precious Gems removed from those mines in The Ancient Past,  from all the mining operations discovered, had to be immense.

How Old is Modern Man? The oldest known Modern Man’s Human Fossil remains Date to 160,000 years. Relatives of ours  in recent discoveries would be Homo antecessor. Discovered in Spain, is “The Confirmed oldest european Hominid at 780,000 years.” A much older Anatomically Modern Man discovered was Mingo Man, A Hominid from 3.4 million years ago. Still older would be Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba at 5.2-5.8 million years.

In the Scientific community, many of our leading scholars have their Names and Reputations at stake, based on stances they have taken about  Man’s Origins, and the Timeline of events, which occurred in our Modern and Ancient past. With so much at stake, Change and acceptance come at a very slow pace even as the rate of information gathering is increasing. We Hominidae have existed millions of years. And I fully expect some day, evidence that changes man’s timeline will show he has lived tens of millions of years or more!

Honestly, I’m not sure we will ever settle on How old Man is, But it will not be some  six or ten thousand-year time frame! We are definitely older than that. With secrets and discoveries being kept from the public as some information always is, It is almost with certainty, when the truth is finally revealed, the main secret being kept from us is not the age, but from where our Genome got it’s start. Modern Man having received a DNA fix, from The Gods, Began thinking in different terms. No longer were our ancestors  a slave people for our Gods. Our people clung to hope from a new God. This God of The Jews. This God who would have no other before him, Used a group of  humans and overthrew The other gods and their people with extreme cunning, power, and the force of Modern Man’s military might.

Our Creators (by DNA Manipulation) were overthrown by Jehovah, The One True God. Whether or not you believe he is The One or not, Jehovah  is The One who came out victorious, in the battle of Gods, and the battle for Earth and it’s wealth, including, Modern Man.





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