Jeff’s Truth Forum

What is the truth?

     The one truth for certain, Christianity is a borrowed religion and it doesn’t always make sense. The content doesn’t reflect what a loving creator may want but more of a dictator attempting to have man beckoning at his every call. What today’s religious leaders need to do is allow that knowledge of old to shine through so people can decide for themselves the validity of the old world knowledge handed down for many generations.
     It would seem today’s chief investigators (ie. Dr. Sitchen ) are making it abundantly clear, there was a modern civilization in control of this planet before our current timeline began.
The truth is obviously found within that knowledge and not as being told to us today. There are top scientist today still after the knowledge, and they are part of today’s Truth Forum.
Feel free to comment as future blogs will begin naming the countless numbered events for those seeking the truth.  Click on our sponsors below.
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