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Published by Jeff Price March  , 2013
     Thirty inches tall and sixty pounds is Carrissa’s stature. She’s muscular and yet very feminine. As a Quadruple Amputee she is a wonder wherever she goes. It never fails, when she is out in the community, others notice. She doesn’t seem to mind everyone staring in her direction. Many just approach her and she is usually very receptive to their curiosity. She is usually the central focus wherever she goes. Carrissa is a Happy and Brave little girl of “eighteen.”
Carrissa has led a two prong, dual life. One prong is filled with surgeries and the other prong is her courage and tenacity and how positively she incites those around her. Carrissa has suffered through a myriad of challenges her whole life.Heart surgery and seizures in the first year of life and amputations of all four limbs to start her third year of life. Several other colon surgeries to fix the insides. The scars from her life are ,noticeable to all.Carrissa shines and uplifts everyone around her. She is absolutely an amazing Young Lady.She will wear diapers her entire life.No Surgical photos. These photos explain her life well enough.

Carrissa is very animated
Stoma placement Three surgeries ago

 Here she is Participating in An Easter Egg Hunt
 At Camp enjoying a boat ride. She’s not afraid and she loves speed.
 Graduation picture. High School Graduation
 Bowling. Carrissa usually bowls in the sixty’s. Nice job!
 Carrissa in her Choir Gown. Go Mustangs!
 Her High School Graduation Ceremony. As you can see she is excited. Way to go Carrissa!
Magical moment in her life!
Currently Carrissa is in the Adult Transition Program where she gets the additional training she’ll need as going to work in the Community will be next on the list of her many accomplishments.She’s Amazing!
Carrissa is a part of our Nation’s Social Security Program where she receives a $390.00 payment each month.This doesn’t cover all her expenses, but without it…?
There will be more surgeries in her life and I’m sure she will handle them Like she has handled the past surgeries.
I’m A Proud Daddy and this is one of my children.Carrissa.Carrissa now has a checking account where she is learning to be responsible and pay bills.Carrissa is accepting donations at Chase Bank where her account is. If you would be interested in Donating it would help her immensely as she learns to be a part of this society. A link will be provided for those willing to Donate to her and help her achieve her life’s goal, which right now is a trip to Disneyland!My About Page will have her Chase Bank account number, also Pay Pal Donations have also been set up.Thank-You!
When Carrissa comes into your life, changes occur.Positive, up-lifting, independent, Hard working, Carrissa is Awesome!