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Service To God

One of Life’s Priorities?

     In today’s busy society it seems difficult to balance our lives with the worship of our Creator. Our secular work is taking up more time in our lives than ever before. With a downed Economy, taking time away from work may end up costing us our jobs. The kids still have school and after school activities we take them to. So when do we find time for service to our Creator?
We find a way for the important aspects in our life. The key obviously is to make God that important. Just as we find a way to take little Johnny or Suzie to soccer practice, We need to express our Love of the creator in every manifestation of our lives. Our every action tells our Creator, we believe, we Love you. Finding time to share with like minded individuals helps encourage each other and helps to remind us the importance of expressing our Love of the Creator. Where the Heart and Mind dwell, thats where we are. Do we dwell on spiritual gains or just monetary? If God is to be a Priority, Our minds and Hearts should be reflecting Love of the higher spiritual things of life.
Each and every one of us has to stand before the Creator and endure our own Life’s choices being laid out before God. Will it reflect a Love of God and of his creation, or a Love of ourselves and the selfish desires we all have? You need to ask yourself if this is a life God could find acceptable. Answer that question, and make the appropriate choices.