While our jails and prisons fill, (to the delight of those making money on our prison systems), with America“s drug users. The sad truth of this situation is the Truly guilty, who are not locked up – “All work for The American Government!” Previously I posted, there are only two types of people in this world. You, and Those Who Run You.   Since  implementating laws to privatize our jails and prison systems, here in America, One abuse after another,  reportedly took place, all with the intent of filling  our corrections systems to their capacities.  Not just that some Judges receive compensation to help fill a system with these ruthless criminals, these teenagers hooked on smoking pot or growing  Marijuana plants in their basement. Not just some of our Politicians who force this type of Legislation into Laws that allow so many to become criminals and suffer through the ordeal of Felony convictions, for their Heinous crimes.  But because the very same people who are responsible for our safety and well-being, are the ones responsible for allowing those drugs on our streets.  Our Drug Enforcement officials who are  guilty time and again ( as reported by various news agencies) of selling or allowing drugs to move in very large quantities across America’s borders, and these drugs are some of America’s strongest street drugs ( Heroin, Crack, Methemphetamines, Cocaine). The pretense of arresting some local pot grower with some pot plants, and passing that off as I’m doing my job, is just the type of insanity and proof this War on Drugs has gone very wrong.  Some of these same enforcement Agents who are the very ones responsible for importing drugs that are now being found on America’s streets all across this wonderful Nation of ours will receive accommodation for arresting your neighbor for those very same drugs.

I for one am joining the voices of the American People who believe this war is  better fought in a different manner. And we should not be using our jails to house those with simple drug convictions like we do now.  Nearly fifty percent of all  incarcerations are non-violent drug users. The majority of these people should be released and all those Jails and Prisons used to house them should be sold or torn down.  There is no Real Justification for this War on Drugs, especially where Marijuana is concerned. All these years into this drug war and statistics will tell you, the increase in drug arrests every year far out paces the growth of the American population. Now don’t tell me there isn’t something wrong with that.!

I was reading blog, T.H.E.U.1 at http://hashexpress.wordpress.com under Prison statistics.  According to The US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics; There were over 600,000 drug users incarcerated in our State and Federal Prisons, of which a third of them were Non-Violent drug offenses.

With nearly two million arrests in 2007, which is more than any other category.

47.4% of all arrests were drug arrests.

  1. 2007-  872,720
  2. 2006-  829,627
  3. 2005-  786,545

The scare tactics used by our government to seize control of the Legislation Now responsible for this failed War on Drugs was obviously very effective. This War On Drugs is by far the longest war America has ever engaged in. It is NOT working. It is the WRONG approach. This is just wasted time and $money. Let’s wake up. Our economy can not continue to carry this type burden on funding levels. There are more important issues this money could go to. Putting an end to this type of abuse will require Americans informing their legislaters, “This has gone on long enough!’ ‘There will be change, even if that means You!”

We The People,” should just be for a select few. Our government should not be in the underground drug trade. If they want to make money selling drugs, then do it openly. And start by decriminalizing Marijuana, and tax the product, and do it above board, Legally!

If you have anything you would like to add or say, speak up. You can sound off below. There is also a video on You Tube you ma want to have a look at. It is Titled “Drug War” and there are some important details outlined there.  Leave your remarks today.

Written by: James Coleburt