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Crooks in our Midst

     It is really such a shame, especially during a downed economy, that you have to be so concerned about which companies you try to utilize to advance your own business.
In todays business world, more and more of these start up companies are in business to RIP YOU OFF! Today’s rant is about one such company.  

                                                                         1 and

                                                                By phone: (877) 300-8316
                                                                By email:
                                                                     1&1 Internet Inc.

     Not that long ago I reluctantly agreed to test their product through the weekend. After which I informed them  I would not be needing their company’s services. Ever since then, I continually receive emails telling me how my credit card won’t let them bill me for their services. They have no right or authorization from me to bill for something I am not purchasing from them. Many times I have sent them messages asking them to remove me from their email lists which continually ask me to find others to join them.

My Response Early On:> No way to get through to you. I’m not going to be needing this service.
> Jeffrey Price

Their Reply:Dear Jeffrey Price (Customer ID: 201889083),

Thank you for contacting us.

I am sorry to hear that you are considering cancellation of your 1&1 package. Cancellations can be carried out using our secure cancellation site at:

Almost Three weeks later:Dear Jeffrey Price,

Please find attached the invoice dated 02/17/2013.

This invoice is in pdf electronic format. It can be read with the Adobe Reader, which you can download free of charge from the Adobe website at

Double click on the attached file to view the invoice and print out a hard-copy for your records. The amount shown will be debited from your credit card on file within the next 7 days. Please do NOT send us a check.

If you have any billing-related questions, please call our billing department at 1-877-300-8316 Monday through Friday (except holidays) 9am to 5pm EST. We will be happy to help you clear up any questions you may have, as quickly as possible.


Your 1&1 Team

I spoke with them again and received this:    Customer ID: 201889083
    Contract ID: 42649451

Dear Jeffrey Price,

This e-mail serves as confirmation of the cancellation of your
1&1 MyWebsite – Plus Package package as of 02/18/2013.
We will deactivate all package features on this date.

The remaining balance of your customer account will be credited to your credit card.

We thank you for your trust as a 1&1 customer and we look forward to welcoming you again as one of our customers.


Your 1&1 Internet Team
1&1 Internet Inc.

Mind you, by this time I had long cancelled anything to do with them and was getting a
little upset at their very un professional approach to this whole situation.

 Then I received their Refer a friend advertisement (which I will not show here)
To which I responded 
how many times do I need to unsubscribe

Since this I have responded a couple times with words I cannot write here. Not professional on my part but I am tired of these people and not in a very good mood.

I’ll end here today with the reminder- Be careful who you get involved with. YOUR Business IS at risk!

By Jeffrey Price

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