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The Three Mistakes Made When Finding A Psychic!

     Many of us make the same mistakes when finding that Medium to help advise and guide us into our futures.The three mistakes are as follows:
1. To often our first initiation with a Psychic comes by the advertising we find on some web page. We immediately fall in love with what we hear and we plunk down money just to hear some more. 
  Many Psychics are Fake’s, and use some computer program with it’s canned statements to rush out your report. I believe there are those who have a real gift. The majority however are just computer software copiers.
  Without having even checked to see if the Psychic we are getting involved with already has been turned in for being the Fraud they are. Several reports later and it is pretty much assured we are with the wrong Psychic.
2. The second mistake we make is believing everything we are told. This leads to the further draining of your wallet so you can continue to be told those good and uplifting “canned remarks.” Now we are hooked as we try and follow the advice given us. and Our future financial stability has been placed in great jeopardy, as we purchase more in hopes of the positive benefits we are promissed pan out. Not all Psychics are just sell, sell, sell. No matter how good a Psychic is, They are never right all the time. “Beware!”
3. And the third mistake people make while seeking a Medium is, not having done our homework to start with. We find ourselves paying what is amounting to a huge financial deficit left in our bank accounts, all the while having been told how lucky we are and how fortunate for us we ran into that Psychic.
Many Fakes just re-invent themselves after being exposed as a fraud. Old with grey hair this time, young and beautiful the next. Name changes are a common occurance as the re-invention of oneself usually is a name change.
So how can you protect yourself from the scam artist and find that Psychic who is for real? With all the latest studies on Psychic phenomenon we know some are gifted but the majority are just looking to make a buck on you excitement. Well then:
1) Never spend the money until you have completed some research or a background check and determined if the person behind that eye catching advertisement is for real.
2) Always keep in mind, even if with a True Medium, no one is EVER correct all the time.
3) And the third thing you can do to protect yourself is try and determine if there are any real abilities with your Psychic. Most, True and honest Psychics get a reading off you before you spill your guts. Some information can be parted to you and then you know you may have one of the good Psychics. If you don’t receive some startling information without putting out information and some cash, they are a fake and just remember, It is for entertainment purposes only. Happy Psychic hunting. There are some good ones out there. Good Luck! I know, as I have some abilities of my own I’ll share some day.
By Jeff Price