No matter which side of the tale you are on one thing is for sure, From our conception there has always been two groups of people,”YOU and Those Who Run You!” That is the whole makeup of the world. There isn’t black and white or brown skin, there isn’t rich and poor, not old and young, just you, and those who run you.

Ever since the manipulation of our genes (DNA, RNA) we were created for that purpose. Being controlled and used as slaves. When we were out of control, proper measures were used to keep us in line or to just plain wipe us out and start all over.Being impressionable as humans are, we listened for a while, then we didn’t. That is another trait of being human. Even the first man, Adamu (Adam) and his first two wives (Llily and Eve). It just wasn’t to be for us humans. We just couldn’t seem to get it right.

The Annunaki were the big, strong, powerful and magical leaders while humans were the smaller, not so brite group that just seemed to overpopulate and over run those leaders (Gods) of ours. But crowd control is really not that big of a thing when you have the technology (magic) and they have fears of that magic.

With so much gold and other ore and precious metals and gems being mined on this planet, Other factions arrived wanting to stake their claim on this planet, her mining interests and the slaves who would do the hard work for them. There was already discontemptment from our Gods and a split ensued. Some returned to their planet while this planet was divvied up by those left in charge. There was already another faction living on the planet ( Atlantans). who had some special magic of their own and were able to maintain their own for quite some time. Then another group arrived.

Over the millenia several small groups of visitors arrived, but then moved on or at least stayed out-of-the-way until one day when a group arrived who could rival the abilities of our own leaders (The Annunaki). This group had the determination and will power to claim this planet for themselves. Of course this didn’t sit well with our Gods and it was made clear early on no one was taking their prize away from them. This new group of would be Gods, new a straight forward fight wasn’t going to prove successful. But there were other ways of gaining control of this planet.

This new group found a group of humans living along the Nile River and with some coaxing had themselves a group of humans who would follow this new God. This group only had One God though, unlike the other group who had many Gods. Being led by this new God, The Nation of Israel would be born, and made known throughout the world as the group following their one God Jehovah.

Jehovah fed his new followers and trained them in the art of war and even at times did the dirty work himself proving he was the one and only true God. City by city The Israelites slaughtered man, woman and child as they followed Jehovah’s commands. It wasn’t long and the Israelites controlled an area once ruled by the other Gods.

Blows were exchanged by the Gods through their slaves, and as humans killed one another, for their Gods, A final blow was delivered by Jehovah and the Israelites and a New God reigned supreme on planet Earth. The Annunaki were forced to leave and Jehovah laid claim to his new-found wealth.

The task originally started by the Annunaki was now in Jehovah’s hands. As the planet Niburu was getting further away from planet earth, and taking with it our first Gods, Our New God had to prepare his newly acquired wealth for a set of circumstances which would flood the entire planet with the ocean water which was quite abundant on planet Earth. Some provisions were made to keep some of its inhabitants alive during this flooding event, that was to take place. Knowing the ice shelves of Antarctica were going to crash into the ocean causing a huge Tsunami to sweep across the planet leaving death and destruction in its wake. Jehovah and the Annunaki watched as planet Earth drowned beneath her ocean waters killing most life from the planet. Then the rebuild began. This is where our own modern history begins.

Around 13,000 bc. the flood waters inundated the planet and set in motion the ability for Jehovah our God to take credit for our survival and to finish loading his coffers with mined ore and beautiful gemstones and take these back to his home planet. We have the promise from Jehovah that he would return and save us from the ones who were cast out and left behind.

Those left behind would now be our rulers, our Gods and this group knowing the return of either Jehovah or the Annunaki will bring their rule to an end and also knowing that their rule would be for but a short time. The real Dark Ages began. At that time as our new Gods played with their new toy,. Humans and the planet Earth was completely under their control.

The Devil and his group are still to this day in charge of our planet. Still to this day lead our nations and our religious organization, and control our monetary system and continually pit one against the other and enjoy watching the suffering of mankind as their own time for destruction has been clearly earmarked by Jehovah and the Annunaki and with supports from some of their allies through out our solar system.

Since the time of our creation (gene manipulation) we have always been under some Gods rule. We have always been a slave class that continues right on through today as clearly stated “We are in the hands of the wicked one”.Satan and his hoard have never allowed humans to govern themselves and have no intentions of bringing humans peace and prosperity and governance of their own lives.

Today there are many reports of aliens (UFO’s) in, on and around our planet. Some are benevolent others not. In any case, our chance to win our own planet is at hand. Now is the time for  the hard decisions about capturing our planet, hopefully with aid from some of the other species, Humans will gain control of their own lives and be slaves only to ourselves from then on.

By Jeff Price

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