We are all taught this theme. Caveat Emptor. Simply put, use caution when purchasing items from someone else. Not that long ago, I should have been listening to that creed. Instead, I was busying myself with thoughts of what will be instead of what I was actually doing. Mistake on my part. There are just companies out there who really will do and say anything to get your money. My recent Experience tells me companies like Purely Hosting, Doba drop shipping, Easy Kits.org, Commission Killers, Premier Mentoring, Power Sellers College, ARE the Buyer Beware kind of companies to watch out for. I have personally experienced the negative impact these companies can have on you. They suck you dry and give you little or nothing in return. If you deal with any of these companies I hope you have a better experience than me, but I doubt that’s occurring. I don’t feel singled out by these companies as their sales approach ensnare’s many. Not just me. So I know there are others who have been hurt mentally and financially by these companies.

Learning from these mistakes and letting others know to beware when dealing with these and other similar constructed companies, you know, the kind who overcharge for their product and give almost nothing in return, is really the start of a healing process. I am in this healing process now and will be able to move on because I know there are reputable companies who strive hard to maintain their reputation and take care of their customer. These companies do exist and provide will power to those who have experiences with companies whose lack of sincerity could ruin the industry. 

Thankfully, most on line businesses try hard to provide their product in a professional manner. They realize the importance of each customer. They go out of their way to show each potential customer they are important. Unlike the companies who show a callus disreguard for their customers who just don’t seem to matter. Kick them to the curb and move on because there is someone else just waiting to be had. I’m sure we all have our own Mistake companies we have dealt with and could tell horror stories about, but this article is just making it clear, Buyer Beware is not some motto of the past, but for the here and now and for the future as well. It is the responsibility of each Business owner to protect his company while finding the necessary tools to move his company into the future and limit the negative brought about by dealing with negative companies.

There are always going to be some negative companies in the market place because this is where money exchanges exist. Some individuals only want that money and won’t care how that happens. And their hunger for your dollar is the motivating force in their lives.Until a safer system exists, always keep in mind, these people and their business do indeed exist. Buyer Beware needs to remain at the forefront of our minds so we can grow our businesses into the future.