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Do Today’s Religious leaders Stand Up To Their Ideals?

Loosing Faith.

As I speak with friends today, those who still try to follow and remain faithful in their religious belief. The phrase”I just don’t know anymore,” came up several times.

It is not a good thing when a person is struggling with their beliefs. To be fair, the largest complaint was directed at our economy and those who have run it to the ground. Since the last conversation several days ago, I have been wondering how closely our Economy and the strength of our Religious conviction were tied.

For this information I went to three sources. There are many sources available.. 1) “National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago” 2) “National Congregations Study” 3)“Association of Religious Data Archives”.

Information gleaned from “The National Research Center at the University of Chicago” suggested nearly sixty percent of Americans participate in some form of their religious faith daily. In the mid 1990’s “Buddhism” was the fastest growing religion in the West. A decade later The “Pentecostalism movement” was the fastest growing  Christian denomination in the world.

The Association of Religious Data Archives in 2010 put America’s Percentage breakdown  at:
1) Christian 80.08%  2) Agnostic 13.50% 3) Jewish 1.65% 4) Muslim 1.32% 5) Buddhist 1.27% and 6) Other 2.18%

I believe the most telling statistics to answer my question about the correlation of our economy and our Religious convictions I found in The “National Congregations Study” where increases and decreases in Religious Denominations coincided with America’s Wars.A Major drop off during America’s involvement in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.America has now been involved in the Afghanistan/ Iraqi Wars now going on a dozen years. It is taking it’s toll on our economy and so Yes, Religious Fervor and political stability seems to have some correlation. 

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