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 The Annunaki,  Are they set to return?

     There has been a lot made of the Annunaki returning. Forecasting Calendars ending 12/21/2012, Flying saucers being reported in record numbers, The unexplained ruins we find scattered across the globe. This is just some of the information. The continual reports we see on You-Tube try to put in motion a thought that something is amiss.

The United States Government and her allies seem to be in the dark if you listen to and believe what they have been saying. Personally, I can’t believe the propaganda they put out. But what about those good hearted people who are pulling on our strings, asking us to listen to them as they post something new, just hoping someone will verify their feelings? If you search between the obvious fakes and the Federal governments points of view, You find a select amount of the story worth a second look. There is more to the story than our government is saying publicly.

I grew up going from one church to another. I must have been Baptised a couple dozen times. But I never felt I was following the truth. My search for that elusive piece of information Probably began when I first read a book (Chariots of the Gods?) challenging what we were being taught about the origins and history of mankind. Erich Von Daniken just asked some basic questions and they were sounding like questions I could have been asking. It made me wonder, Why our brightest people could not see the simplicity in the answers while their own words seem to be stumbled over to explain. Then A Russian Author Zechariah Sitchin and others explained, There was indeed this alternate past spoken of by the Sumarians to be included in our history that we were not having explained to us. It is somewhere in these New Words, the Truth of our past exists.

So, are the Annunaki set to return? There is another force in charge of this planet now. With the Annunaki being deposed as rulers of this planet, complete darkness covered the knowledge and now that fight is the ‘Armageddon’ we will face. Making choices for the Truth and knowledge of our past is essential. The Holy scriptures say we are in the hands of those cast down. We have the pledge for victory from God and those of his would be helpers. To me this can only mean there is to be a return of some sort. The Annunaki?

 There is information being kept from the public. Even our Religious leaders are now speaking to the possibility of advanced life from other parts of our solar system probably exist. We can only speculate why our federal governments are keeping this from the public. Speculation says the economies would crumble and the faith torn away from mankind would lead to further chaos. The Truth is being made known by the dedicated, who continue searching for the past, that is unspoken.

Jeffrey Price