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Christianity, And God As An E.T.?

Would Your Faith Be Shattered?

     When the Pope spoke out in acknowledgement there may be Life in the Universe Other than Planet Earth, Was he speaking with some insight or is this a hoax being perpetrated on the following masses? I think it was clear the Pope’s faith would not be shaken by that revelation.        I don’t have much trust in the motives of our religious leaders and I am left wondering, Why the announcement? Why after denying the existence for so long? Being God’s representative here on Earth, surely this information could not have been a new “News Brief” As God explains his inevitable return. Just one more key fact withheld from the adoring masses. The faithful who strive to understand, in a world where being kept in the dark seems to be the rule.                                       I believe (as the Pope obviously does) there has been enough holes poked into the traditional Timeline of man’s existence that the stories of other beings of sophisticated means and the possible gene splicing which brought forth our first parents Adam and Eve, could have some basis in fact. There are remarkable pieces of evidence strewn across our planet that cannot be explained with our traditional Timeline of man’s progression. When examined under a new light, these unexplainable features start falling into context and making better sense than what we were fed as food for hundreds of years.  This beckons the question once more, “Will your faith be shattered” if God turns out to be an E.T.?For me the answer would be -No. My bigger worry would be- can God regain control of the planet that is in the hands of ?   

    Jeffrey Price