Truth And The American Way

Where Did The Honesty Go?

Greed Makes It All Good.

     In today’s Americanized world, One thing stands supreme. Greed! For someone trying to follow the rules, work hard, and make a living for himself and his family, he has no hope. Around every corner is someone else who will rip him off every chance possible.  If you have been in business long enough, I’m sure you know someone just like this. These people don’t care what they do to hurt you so long as money is going into their pockets. These people will Lie to you in message after message and when it can’t be carried on any further, and the Truth is revealed, They could care less what they’ve done to you. Why are these people and their companies allowed to continue ripping hard working people off? Why is it better to stay quiet and just endure the humiliation and financial burden placed on them by these crooks? America has changed to the point of not being recognized any longer. A hard worker used to be a plus in the business world. Today it’s shortcuts and take it from someone else. Speaking out and not allowing the crooks to skate free to protect our dignity is not an answer I can accept. The only way to protect yourself and others is to speak up and name names.  I charge myself with this same responsibility of speaking up and informing others of businesses to be aware of.  I began this business adventure in the end of October. Having a life thrust upon me where I am at home continually, working from the house became my only hope to provide for my family and still try to pay bills. My story naming names coming in the next issue. I WILL TELL MY STORY. My hopes are others will follow suit and these crooks won’t have a rock to hide under any longer. If you have a story to tell, you can write us and explain your situation. Lets shine a light on these businesses. Your information can be sent to us at : Our New E-mail;


Jeffrey Price

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