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Do Our Political Leaders Need Us?

Evidence Suggests They Do.

We have all heard it, maybe even said it “they’ll say anything to get elected.” Do the constituants really matter? With the influence of today’s Lobbyists, you might assume you no longer matter to your elected representative after the election. I believe that would be foolish thinking on your part. Going through the election process is generally a foregone conclusion in that the incumbent generally wins. So how is it that we can matter after the election? In life, You have to stand for something. there needs to be something that you feel so strongly about that you feel motivated, compelled to put your own two cents worth in. When you know what that is, you have the ability to make your representative listen. If you just go along for the ride, in essence, you have just taken yourself out of the equation. If you stand up for something, get involved, then you have to be listened to and thereby making our elected officials pay attention. 
Change comes after the fact. In other words, if you speak up, speak out, others join you, the debate gets started, and some form of change will follow. This is how to matter in today’s political world. Take a stand and test it for yourself. When your elected officials know you are going to make a stand, they pay attention.
Jeffrey Price