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Truth and Religion
Do The World’s Religions Stand Up To Their Ideals?

It is time I speak out for the ‘Truth’ on subjects of importance to me. I know there are others who share similar views. 
Spirituality. I believe we all are spiritual beings encased in these fleshly bodies. So whether or not we wish to accept a spiritual nature or belief doesn’t matter in accordance to truth, law and the universe. It is in our nature to be skeptical or afraid of what we do not know or understand. In some shape, form or belief, most of us believe in some form of God or Creator. Because I have a spiritual nature does not mean I follow or believe everything our Churches, synagogues or other Holy places of assembly have been telling us. For their own greed and power- lust has been evident from the beginning. I am faithful and obedient, to his word, but I will not follow the “Un-Truths” taught to us by our religious leaders. They are like today’s politicians, (another Truth that must be told). They make it sound inviting, even refreshing, and tell you what you may want to hear. But under that facade there is no Truth and Honesty, only Lies and Deceit and their hunt for greater power, wealth and control at the expense of those of us who really seek and need help. When they take advantage of you in times of crisis, to further their agenda, that is a crime that is so heinous and will not go unpunished by the creator. When the truth is known, but withheld so as to gain in fame, riches, power and control, no amount of Gold, power, or the finest jewels will protect them at their judgement time before our creator. No trust for truth can be placed in their words or deeds. If their true desire was a planet full of God loving, God fearing people, then giving us the truth and guiding us along in the right direction would be easy,(as we would follow that guidance gladly,happily, joyfully). If we had only been given the truth from the beginning.
Our Religions have not been the source of strength and Wisdom we have sought out. The Truth must be told.  
Next time In part two, We will examine “What is the Truth”? Feel free to leave a comment as all opinions are welcomed.